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also smid·geon or smid·gin  (smĭj′ən)
A very small quantity or portion; a bit or mite: "a smidgen of genius, a sliver of cutting truth" (John Simon).

[Probably alteration of dialectal smitch, particle, perhaps ultimately from Middle English smite, perhaps from past participle of smiten, to smite; see smite.]


 a small quantity.
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Noun1.smidgeon - a tiny or scarcely detectable amountsmidgeon - a tiny or scarcely detectable amount
small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude


also smidgeon or smidgin

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Japanese December PPI also came in a smidgeon shy of expectations, at 3.
HS2, a certain money loser, will be hived off as it will never generate enough profitable revenue to recover even a smidgeon of its capital cost, and the need for subsidies will place an astronomical burden on the British taxpayer - our children and grand children.
THERE'S no doubt that the bombings in Boston were terrible, however the fact is that had they been in another country they would not have had a smidgeon of the coverage.
With a smidgeon under 6 million adults, along with more than 2 million pensioners, only too well aware of what poverty is like, the fear must be that many more will soon be experiencing something similar.
The trifle that is being promised to local communities in return for planning approval is but a smidgeon of the largesse the developers could afford to pay out of their massive returns paid for by consumers.
Songs such as The Coast and I Miss You heft hummable hooks, there's a smidgeon of psychedelia in aptly titled Delight (Something New Under The Sun), and See You In The Spring is a strong duet with Jakob Dylan, whose own Women + Country received a rave review here a fortnight ago.
There cannot be a parent who is even a smidgeon surprised by this.
SPARE a smidgeon of sympathy for Nicky Henderson as he goes through a summer of exclusion.
ONLY A smidgeon less gaffe-prone than the Fat Controller - but coming up fast on the rails - is the Pope, whose disastrous Middle East tour looks like eclipsing the fiasco of his recent African sojourn and lack of positive response to the Aids epidemic.