Smock frock

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Smock´ frock`

1.A coarse frock, or shirt, worn over the other dress, as by farm laborers.
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Sleary rapidly turned out from a box, a smock frock, a felt hat, and other essentials; the whelp rapidly changed clothes behind a screen of baize; Mr.
Tom; he mustn't be got away by horse-riders; here he is in a smock frock, and I must have him
The accommodation, provided for passengers waiting at this Junction, was distinctly inadequate--a single wooden bench, apparently intended for three sitters only: and even this was already partially occupied by a very old man, in a smock frock, who sat, with rounded shoulders and drooping head, and with hands clasped on the top of his stick so as to make a sort of pillow for that wrinkled face with its look of patient weariness.
And his wife dealt out stockings, and calico shirts, and smock frocks, and comforting drinks to the old folks with the "rheumatiz," and good counsel to all; and kept the coal and clothes' clubs going, for yule-tide, when the bands of mummers came round, dressed out in ribbons and coloured paper caps, and stamped round the Squire's kitchen, repeating in true sing-song vernacular the legend of St.
The Nip/Tuck actress, 42, dressed down in the smock frock, tights and patent pumps at the Fox 2007 TCA All Star bash.
200 YEARS AGO: Stolen on Friday night from Dunstall Hall, near Wolverhampton, two old peacocks, three old pea-hens, two old ducks, three leather housings from collars, one ditte from a cart saddle, one large blue coat, two smaller coats, one waggoner's smock frock and two pairs of shoes.
I can still see the raised floor at one end where the old people who had shared in the Coronation festivities of 50 years before were sitting in their smock frocks, the women all wearing linen sunbonnets.