Smoke box

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a chamber in a boiler, where the smoke, etc., from the furnace is collected before going out at the chimney.

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Her smoke box was jet black with delicate red lines running along in a narrow parabolic curve, and her powerful driving wheels painted in a rich Coronation red.
Put half the wood chunks on the cooking grate over a lit burner, If you're using chips, put half in a smoke box or disposable aluminum pan.
I've interviewed people on subjects as diverse as sheep poo paper, smoke box chicken, meteorites and quarrymen commuting down mountains on 'wild cars'.
Now, Cs = the design concentration from the subjective tests, measured from the smoke box at the haze concentration that the judge deemed acceptable, Cs = 8.
Minutes later, a car was spotted abandoned in Out Lane and a cash box was seen nearby with red dye pouring out of it, after the security smoke box had activated.
Our three-year-old boy had a smile from smoke box to buffer on seeing his storybook idols in the flesh (or glass fibre in this case).
He operated the safety valve to release steam, hoping to dislodge the swarm, but it made matters worse and the driver and fireman had to take refuge in front of the smoke box.
BRK claims to inspect and test all returned detectors in a smoke box and has never found one to be defective.
FIRE POWER: Eileen Niblock makes adjustments inside the smoke box of a Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway steam engine Picture: Richard Stanton