Smooth sole

(Zool.) the megrim.

See also: Sole

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Failing the correct leg wear, trousers without seams are advisable, as are shoes or boots with a small heel and a smooth sole.
All you need to do is wear comfortable clothes and shoes with a smooth sole so you can spin easily on the fantastic wooden dance floors.
The outside of the shoe features flat-pleating for a smooth sole.
All ABS Series Wedges will feature Carbite's smooth sole design for reduced drag and Carbite's Polar Balanced technology which creates a bigger sweet spot.
Avoid wearing footwear with smooth soles or heels, as these will slide easily on slick sidewalks or pavement.
And invest in Fresh Smooth Soles Foot Lotion, Pounds 2, or Soleman Footspray, Pounds 2, for your tootsies.
Wash the paste off in the morning for unbelievably smooth soles.