Snail shell

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(Zool.) the shell of snail.

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Then it goes back down again into a sleek snail shell.
The Minaret of Samarra, also known as the Malwiya, after the Arabic word for a snail shell, spirals up from the ground and dominates its Samarra setting in the Tigris valley.
The TG-DTA thermogram of dead snail shell (Fig 1) shows a weight loss of 42.
A SPIDER painstakingly hauls an empty snail shell, 30 times its own weight, up into a bush to use as a shelter from the heat.
Red giraffe-necked weevils use their necks to fight each other, while a spider hauls an empty snail shell up into a bush to use as a shelter from the heat.
There is no desire to consider other approaches, such as the use of Mutual Climatic Range models (which have been applied to Quaternary land snail assemblages in Europe) or analyses of stable isotopes in land snail shell carbonates (as applied in Europe and other parts of the world).
Students circle the snail shell, snail body, and snail food.
Trumpet snail shell toothed on the leading edge for digging in sand.
DISCOVER what it's like to be inside a snail shell, an old shipwreck or a chrysalis at a forthcoming exhibition in Coventry.
The children listened to the Pacific Ocean whispering in my moon snail shell and asked me how I became a storyteller, how I remember my stories without a book, and if my tales are true.
Snail shell length was measured with a vernier caliper to the nearest 0.