Snake gourd

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(Bot.) a cucurbitaceous plant (Trichosanthes anguina) having the fruit shorter and less snakelike than that of the serpent cucumber.

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In May, 2014 a ban was imposed by the European Commission on imports of mangoes, bitter gourd, egg plant, snake gourd and taro leaves from India on grounds of interceptions of harmful organisms leading to fears on account of biosecurity of the region.
Plants I have had most success with In vegetables, bitter gourd, snake gourd, beans, spinach and okra.
Amongst the three ghaf trees and fruit trees, is another tree where a long, over-sized snake gourd hangs that measures more than 2m long.
Ebrahim Al Shirawi shows one of his giant snake gourd .
This yearEoe1/4aos master crop is a snake gourd with a record 188cm in length which has been exhibited at Lulu Hypermarket.