Snap judgment

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a judgment formed on the instant without deliberation.

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Host Glynn Washington, who also hosts the popular podcasts Snap Judgment and Spooked, brings a unique perspective to the story of Heavens Gate: he was raised in a cult.
For example, have you ever made a snap judgment about a camper or fellow staff member and later (once you got more information) realized that you were completely wrong?
Not a snap judgment but construction work and heavy machines do not go well with old land drains.
A survey this week showed that visitors to our homes make a snap judgment within 26 seconds.
It's the brainchild of four IsraelisHarman, Roee Gilron, Yochai Maital, and Shai Satranwho were childhood friends and who have in common a love of long-format storytelling radio programs (or podcasts) like This American Life, Radio Lab, Snap Judgment, The Motha format that simply doesn't exist in Israel.
Mark Williams, chief Asia economist at Capital Economics, said his initial sense was that the meeting has fallen short of expectations, though conceded it would be "foolish" to make a snap judgment.
But such resistance comes with a price: as if ironically, by distancing art criticism from snap judgment in memorable and, coincidentally, utterly marketable one-liners, the critics inadvertently participated in the very culture they professed to scorn.
When time is short, you might need to make a snap judgment based on gut instincts.
The book is however fun to read and at the end you will definitely analyze your first impressions and think twice after you make a snap judgment.
This is entirely normal: everyone has a desire to make a snap judgment about people (and not just at the poker table) and subsequently try to unearth information in support of our initial judgment.
Longer exposure didn't seem to matter, suggesting that this is a snap judgment that's made without conscious thought (a phenomenon amply documented in Malcolm Gladwell's bestselling book Blink).
But in this tale, as in most of the others that Gladwell cites, the person who makes the alleged snap judgment is someone who has spent years accumulating the knowledge to make a fast and accurate decision.