Snap lock

a lock shutting with a catch or snap.

See also: Snap

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Tenders are invited for Supply of Aluminium Tubular Construction Horizental Braces Having Snap Lock Mechanism At Both Ends
The legs intuitively release and easily snap lock at any height position, making using and adjusting the canopy easier than ever.
The Snap Lock system uses a repair module with a specially designed rubber seal that guarantees a leak-proof interface with the defective section of pipe.
The smaller sizes will catch just about anything that swims and are easy to customize due to the snap lock for changing the head size and weight.
Snap Lock Industries designs, manufactures and ships its products all under one roof in its Salt Lake facility.
Injection moulding has enabled the case to be designed for assembly using slide lock and snap lock features that have eliminated 29 screws, and the time to insert them.
In a second incident a detached snap lock was found in a child's mouth but was removed before choking occurred.
In another, a broken snap lock was found in a child's mouth but was removed before the child choked.
sales, our injection molded all-PP paint can will exceed all other alternatives in cost-performance," declares Brian McDaniels, KW's national marketing director called Snap Lock, the two-part gallon can uses an injection molded black PP body similar to that of hybrid cans and a separate injection molded PP ring and lid.
And third, our patented snap lock design eliminates overlapping in the installation of rebar support, so our customers will realize tremendous savings on both labor costs and materials.
Designed for applications that use solar inverters, combiner boxes and installers, the H4 connector helps feed power from a solar panel into an inverter or combiner box and features quick snap lock mating for easy panel mount installation and termination to either box.
The Snap Lock System offers a unique construction technique, which is expected to improve the manufacturing efficiency of the specialty vehicles manufactured by Prime's subsidiaries AK Specialty Vehicles (AKSV) and Frontline Communications, while at the same time yielding a very high quality, corrosion resistant product.