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It was a very grey day; a most opaque sky, "onding on snaw," canopied all; thence flakes felt it intervals, which settled on the hard path and on the hoary lea without melting.
There cam' a crash and a wailing cry, An' mirk, mirk grew the nicht: A hollow wind gaed whistling by Wi' rustling noises, thin an' dry, An fleering laughter licht-- Yet, wi' the mirth cam' a wailing sound Like a bairnie greeting sair; little child, inconsolable A sma' hand touched me, saft as snaw, snow A cauld breith sighed, "Ye maun come awa'" An I saw, nor kenned, nae mair.
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Let dorty Dames say na, As lang as e'er they please, Seem caulder than the snaw, While inwardly they bleeze; But I will frankly shaw my mind, And yield my heart to thee; Be ever to the captive kind, That langs nae to be free.