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 (gro͞om, gro͝om)
1. A person employed to take care of horses or a stable.
2. A man who is about to be married or has recently been married.
3. One of several officers in an English royal household.
4. Archaic
a. A man.
b. A male servant.
v. groomed, groom·ing, grooms
1. To care for the appearance of; to make neat and trim: groomed himself carefully in front of the mirror.
2. To clean and brush (an animal).
3. To remove dirt and parasites from the skin, fur, or feathers of (another animal).
4. To prepare, as for a specific position or purpose: groom an employee for advancement.
5. Sports To prepare (terrain) for participants in a sport, as by packing down new snow and leveling moguls for skiers.
To care for one's appearance.

[Middle English grom. N., sense 2, short for bridegroom.]

groom′er n.
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Later, snow grooming machines distribute and smooth it out.
Volodymyr Groysman inspected new trolley buses Bogdan T901 and modern snow grooming equipment of MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Citycat, Crafco and RCA.
Islamabad -- Ski Federation of Pakistan (SFP) has received Snow Grooming Machine and Ski Equipment in a ceremony held at PAF Complex, Islamabad.
Wachusett runs a round-the-clock snow grooming operation.
Jackson XC, Jackson: A new grooming vehicle and low snow grooming implement will be added that will supplement the early-season grooming fleet.
Snow grooming machines are on hand to traffic less experienced skiers to blue runs and I wave goodbye to Kathy as she gets a ride I have never experienced.
The Snow Journal recently reported that the Cranmore Mountain Resort in North Conway, NH plans to operate its snow grooming machines with biodiesel fuel provided by Chelsea, MA-based World Energy.
Other gearboxes manufactured by Rj Link are used in applications such as construction equipment brooms, grain handling equipment, orchard sprayers, air compressors, truck-mounted pump drives, concrete saws, snowblowers and snow grooming equipment.
Marsh then solicited input from workersinvolved in snow grooming.
Advances in snow grooming technology combined with December's huge snowfall, has kept the snowpack in tip-top shape.
The snow grooming device must for summer use (attachment mulcher) available sein.
ISLAMABAD -- Ski Federation of Pakistan (SFP) on Monday received snow grooming machine and ski equipment donated by Japan which would provide opportunity to skiers to participate in the ongoing competitions at Naltar.