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n.1.The sole of a shoe.
2.(Zool.) See Sole, the fish.
1.A dirty pond.
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David Bennett proposes to Nicola Soal during the production of Aladdin at Cwmaman Theatre
Cardiff Crown Court heard that Soal 38, knew the family and had been to the house two days earlier to plan the attack.
Jason Soal was freed in 2004 on a life licence after serving 12 years of an indefinite term for killing bachelor Aneurin Williams.
gov> or click on one of the SOAL USA JOBS links at < www.
Cardiff Crown Court heard Soal 38, knew the family and had been to the house two days earlier to plan the attack.
Hough Halton & Soal advises union and private clients, and has experience in high-value claims.
Media Indonesia 2005 Presiden minta masukan daerah soal pembangun di perbatasan Kalimantan-Malaysia.
With the Plato/WhiteLight solution, custo-use environment for analytic applications thadd value to their Microsoft data warehousing soal capabilities.
But Steven Soal's brother Jason "Jay" Soal, 37 - a killer jailed for life for the brutal murder of a retired teacher - remains at large.
Hudson: Matthew Cadigan, Chrystal Cavallaro, Jonathan Hasenzahl, Samuel Leandres, Stephanie Moura, William Saliga, Arianna Silva, Katherine Soal and Ryan Walker.
The asking questions paradigm is also important during data analysis: Instead of estimating the probability of the medium's potentially general statements being accurate (for example, Saltmarsh & Soal, 1930), the medium is simply asked to provide specific information.
Jason "Jay" Soal, 37, was convicted in 1992 of the murder of retired art teacher Aneurin Williams at his home in Llanbradach, near Caerphilly.