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n.1.The sole of a shoe.
2.(Zool.) See Sole, the fish.
1.A dirty pond.
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The organising secretary of SOAL Adnan Khan welcomed all, highlighted the achievements and called for greater alumni participation.
Jason Soal was freed in 2004 on a life licence after serving 12 years of an indefinite term for killing bachelor Aneurin Williams.
Gideon's soal it to succeed and win, which is to avoid their evil personal asenda of Armaseddon victors in the outset.
The Soal Selidik Kegiatan Aktiviti Fizikal (SKAF) questionnaire measures student involvement in such activities.
Uma necessidade de sociabilizacao pressupoe a existencia de uma carencia de sociabilidade, seja em um ambiente que propicie uma autenticidade de expressao pes soal, seja com o intuito de amar ou de encantar, encontrado nas respostas.
See also Kompas Daily, 2 August 2002, Soal Kasus Indomobil, PN Jakarta Selatan Jura Batalkan Putusan KPPU and Investor Daily, MA Batalkan Putusan KPPU dan PN Jakpus, 14 March 2003.
SOAL has openings in the different acquisition career fields including multiple positions in program management (1101 series--this is the 340 series in other Services); contracting (1102 series); logistics (346 series); and several others.
New shop manager Susanne Soal is now on the look out for volunteers, so either pop in to meet her, or call on 01926 850054, to register.
The event is in its seventh year and arranged by catering manager Lisa Soal and Durham City Council.
Soal, debated the connection between the identity of the writer and the textual persona of the author.
Meanwhile, in the affluent neighbourhood of Normanton on Soal, two neighbours are at war.
Rhine en la Universidad de Duke, o de Samuel Soal en la Universidad de Londres, no habria necesitado actuar con tanta precaucion.