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n.1.A chain by which a leading horse draws a plow.
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In this experiment, intercalated PBS/organoclay nanocomposites were obtained by all three different processes of solution blending, melt mixing, and SOAM methods.
As shown in Table 1, the nanocomposites have a high decomposition temperature when synthesized by the SOAM method, because this method has a greater effect on the dispersion and intercalation than the other methods, as indicated by the XRD patterns obtained from the nanocomposites.
The SOAM method and an organoclay content of 2 wt% were selected as the optimum conditions.
The PBS/organoclay nanocomposite foams synthesized by the SOAM method with an organoclay content of 2 wt% were prepared using a CBA.
Nanocomposites of ABS and organoclays were prepared by both the solution blending and the SOAM method, separately.
Figure 1 compares XRD curves of the nanocomposites prepared by the solution blending method of ABS and C25A, and those prepared by the SOAM method.
and (e) for C30B) and the SOAM method ((b) for C10A.
1731 SOAM standards significantly improve the network's OAM capabilities and enable robust and reliable Ethernet services to be deployed.