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(Commerce) a person who makes or manufactures soap


(ˈsoʊ pər)

Informal. soap opera.
[1945–50, Amer.]
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It seemed the least of the war's contradictions that to lose your worst sense of American shame you had to leave the Dial Soapers in Saigon and a hundred headquarters who spoke goodworks and killed nobody themselves, and go out to the grungy men in the jungle who talked bloody murder and killed people all the time.
The partnership with P&G is just one example of how Rhodia works with some of the biggest soapers in the world, and a rare example of how closely Rhodia and other suppliers often work with multinationals.
Kroger's stores include such chains as Kroger, Ralph's, Fred Meyer, Food 4 Less, King Soapers, Smith's, Fry's, Dillon's, QFC and City Market.
That the performers seem a little interchangeable at first - they're even wearing each other's wardrobes - may be due to all the traffic directing this first episode demands, but it's also probably a cagey comment on the nature of WB soapers in general.
So did "Party of Five" and daytime soapers "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful.
As soapers have gone to phosphate-reduced formulations, soda ash continues to play an important role as builder, carrier and agglomerating agent.
But before soapers can tackle formulation problems, they must be assured that their feedstocks are adequate.
Both the soapers wore their MBEs for the occasion - except that Babs pinned hers to about 10 yards of pink and gold tinsel as well, maybe just in case Liz - and more to the point Wendy - missed which is the bigger Queen of Albert Square.
In Argentina, where the populace likes to consider itself more sophisticated than other Latin Americans, Televisa's most theatrical, Cinderella-themed soapers have scored high marks in recent years.
And hey, all you soapers out there, you too can be the first on your block to own exclusive-to-you Daily News attire.
Procter and other soapers must stay well ahead of the innovation curve because private label houses are determined to launch high-tech formulas that exceed the performance of national brands.
It seems that by the time the Big Soapers realized that consumer preferences had changed, it was too late.