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Noun1.Socialist Party - a political party in the United States formed in 1900 to advocate socialism
party, political party - an organization to gain political power; "in 1992 Perot tried to organize a third party at the national level"
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The Socialist party was a really democratic political organization--it was controlled absolutely by its own membership, and had no bosses.
The Socialist party in Berlin are strong and increasing.
He stood high in the councils of the socialist party, was one of the leaders, and was the acknowledged leader in the philosophy of socialism.
1880 to 1890 he devoted most of his energy to work for the Socialist party, of which he became a leader.
BEIRUT: Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt Tuesday restated his view that to reduce the national debt, Lebanon needed to find a lasting fix for the electricity sector.
Mr Beckett told the Socialist Party event that "our responsibility" is to "call on Labour councils to act as socialists," according to the report on the Socialist Party website.
The official Twitter account of the Socialist Party tweeted a photo of the MP addressing the event, and reported that he said: "In the Labour Party nationalisation is no longer a dirty word and, you know what, neither is socialism".
Mr Nellist said: "The response we had earlier this year, from the Labour Party general secretary Ian McNicol, was that we were ineligible to join Labour because of our membership of the Socialist Party.
Member of the Frontline Socialist Party Noel Mudalige also known as Kumar Gunaratnam who was arrested on charges of violating visa regulations has been granted the Sri Lankan Citizenship.
The Socialist Party (PS), Attariq party and several independent personalities held on October 1 in Tunis, their unification congress.
Considered as a 'far-right' member of the Socialist Party, Valls has always advocated 'economically realistic' political speech without 'demagoguery.
Corbyn has said his vision of Labour is as an antiausterity party - exactly the stance a socialist party should be taking.

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