Sod's Law

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Sod's law

informal a humorous or facetious precept stating that if something can go wrong or turn out inconveniently it will. Also called: Murphy's Law
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Noun1.Sod's Law - humorous axiom stating that anything that can go wrong will go wrong
gnome - a short pithy saying expressing a general truth
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Gray, 24, admitted: "It's sod's law we played Brentford the day after I signed and then we've got Bristol.
Sod's Law that he's now going to be out for a spell - but that will mean a chance for Sylvain Distin or Antolin Alcaraz to get a run in the first team.
It just seems to be Sod's law that you pick up injuries and suspensions that leave you struggling.
Celtic FC chairman Ian said: "There's a high chance they may play so there's irony, pathos and Sod's Law in all of that.
Chuck sod's law into the equation and it's an absolute certainty that someone scores during the blackout today.
Tempting fate, the skipper told Graham: "It'll be Sod's Law that you'll get the biggest fish.
IT was Sod's Law that Albion's victory over Southampton should have the 'Made in Africa' stamp going right through it.
Hodgson added: "But I would rather he had scored a few goals before tomorrow because it's sod's law that his first goal will come against me
Denis came back in and I think showed he had regained some confidence, so it's sod's law he is out for five or six weeks now," Turner said.
Britton said: "I'm very disappointed to miss this year's British Soap Awards but it is sod's law that I have arranged a big birthday bash on that day for my sister.
Murphy's Law is widely used in America while Sod's Law is mainly alive and well in Britain where we have poor sods in abundance to whom the unexpected happens often with a touch or irony.