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(ˈsœ dərˌblʊm)

Nathan, 1866–1931, Swedish theologian: Nobel peace prize 1930.
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7) Key student leaders of the WSCF, such as John Mott and Nathan Soderblom, were to become major figures at the Edinburgh 1910 conference.
Alan Soderblom -- Adventist Health; Advisor Panel, Scottsdale Institute
A researcher at MIT and a member of the Cassini team, Dr Jason Soderblom, told (http://news.
There he began a lasting relationship with Nathan Soderblom and became one of the associate secretaries of Life and Work and a founding member and director of Inter-Church Aid.
Soderblom, "Climate Change: National & Regional Security Threat Multiplier for Australia," Security Solutions 52 (2008): 58.
It's about as dead-on a twin as you could reasonably hope to find," says David Soderblom, an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore who was not on the research team.
Although German in origin, the association from the beginning has included members from other countries: Nathan Soderblom joined in 1919, J.
As a sequel to his visit, Soderblom invited Conrad Bergendoff to be in Uppsala in 1926 and 1927.
Learning new things and gaining fresh insights are among the most thrilling of human experiences," Helsinki Festival Director Erik Soderblom said.
Derosier and her husband James of Spencer; two sisters, Joan Greene and Eleanor Brady both of Worcester; two grandchildren, Jason Soderblom of Worcester and Crystal Derosier of Spencer; a great grandson Mathew Morrow and many nephews and nieces.
Staffan Soderblom hits the mark in his introduction when he says for Martinson, "the mystery, or the enigma, reveals itself everywhere in creation, and with its fine awareness and sensitivity his poetry can at times resemble a membrane for this mystery.