Soft ray

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(Zool.) a fin ray which is articulated and usually branched.

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Soon, however, the entire town was wrapped in slumber; a feeble light still glimmered in Madame's apartment, which looked out upon the square, and the soft rays from the expiring lamp seemed to be the image of the calm sleep of a young girl, hardly yet sensible of life's anxieties, and in whom the flame of existence sinks placidly as sleep steals over the body.
Margison's plaintive opening line, "Gott, welch Dunkel hier" ("God, what darkness here"), was sung in a true pianissimo, like a soft ray of light penetrating the surrounding gloom.
He pointed to such products as Satco's Soft Ray frosted halogen spot, exclusive to showrooms, that has made a big difference in down lighting, and to ways of getting consumers to understand lighting through better displays.
Today, the car remains as originally equipped with an M21 4-Speed, power disc brakes, spoilers, Rally wheels, Soft ray tinted glass, Sport steering wheel and, of course, the original ZL1 engine.
The last spinous soft ray of the dorsal and the third spinous ray of the anal fin transforms from a soft ray after settlement and they are fully transformed by 11.
Satco's new Soft Ray frosted halogen bulbs eliminate the glare and hot spots associated with regular MR16 and PAR lamps.
05) in HL; fifth pelvic soft ray longest, extending to origin of anal fin, 3.
Lateral-line scales 42; dorsal fin continuous, with ninth dorsal spine shorter than tenth spine; longest dorsal soft ray (7th or 8th) 2.
Diagnosis: Dorsal rays X11,12 or 13 (modally 12); anal soft rays 11,12-14; pectoral rays 16 or 17 (rarely 16); caudal fin strongly forked; spiniform upper and lower caudal rays 2; second and third, and fourteenth and fifteenth principal caudal rays with filamentous branched tips, especially long in third and fourteenth rays; first soft ray of pelvic fins filamentous; longitudinal scale series 27; lateral-line scales 16 or 17 (rarely 16); gill rakers 7-9 (rarely 9) + 19-21 (rarely 21); body depth 2.
05) in head length; margin of second dorsal fin posterior to third ray straight; third dorsal soft ray longest, 2.
Preopercular margin finely serrate; Ambfycirrhitus first 2 supraneural bones in space before second neural spine; preorbital without a free hind margin; interorbital scaled; first dorsal soft ray not produced into a filament; lower 5 (rarely 6) pectoral rays unbranched 11b.