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very sympathetic or responsive; generous in spirit.
soft′-heart′ed•ly, adv.
soft′-heart′ed•ness, n.


[ˈsɒftˈhɑːtɪd] ADJcompasivo, bondadoso


[ˌsɒftˈhɑːtɪd] adjdal cuore tenero


(soft) adjective
1. not hard or firm; easily changing shape when pressed. a soft cushion.
2. pleasantly smooth to the touch. The dog has a soft, silky coat.
3. not loud. a soft voice.
4. (of colour) not bright or harsh. a soft pink.
5. not strict (enough). You are too soft with him.
6. (of a drink) not alcoholic. At the party they were serving soft drinks as well as wine and spirits.
7. childishly weak, timid or silly. Don't be so soft – the dog won't hurt you.
ˈsoftly adverb
ˈsoftness noun
soften (ˈsofn) verb
to make or become soft or softer, less strong or less painful. The thick walls softened the noise of the explosion.
ˌsoft-ˈboiled adjective
(of eggs) slightly boiled, so that the yolk is still soft. She likes her eggs soft-boiled.
ˌsoft-ˈhearted adjective
kind-hearted and generous. He had been given some money by a soft-hearted aunt.
ˌsoft-ˈspoken adjective
having a gentle voice or manner. She was a soft-spoken woman with a shy smile.
ˈsoftware noun
computer programs, as opposed to the machines themselves (ˈhardware).
ˈsoftwood noun, adjective
(of) the wood of a conebearing tree eg a pine. softwood furniture.
have a soft spot for
to have a weakness for (someone or something) because of great affection. He's always had a soft spot for his youngest son.
References in classic literature ?
But he was so soft-hearted that anyone could impose upon him.
Adolph and Rosa had arranged the chamber; volatile, fickle and childish, as they generally were, they were soft-hearted and full of feeling; and, while Miss Ophelia presided over the general details of order and neatness, it was their hands that added those soft, poetic touches to the arrangements, that took from the death-room the grim and ghastly air which too often marks a New England funeral.
How my fool of a soft-headed soft-hearted brother would rage if he knew how cunningly I have saved his pocket.
The nurse was neither clever nor soft-hearted but she could repeat some of the London doctor's words.
She had already addressed Sandy Jim, who was now holding the baby to relieve his wife, and the big soft-hearted man had rubbed away some tears with his fist, with a confused intention of being a better fellow, going less to the Holly Bush down by the Stone-pits, and cleaning himself more regularly of a Sunday.
No, no, ladies dear, be always sentimental and soft-hearted, as you are--be the soothing butter to our coarse dry bread.
But I'm so soft-hearted," I went insanely on, "that I should be sorry to see that happen to such fine fellows as you are.
The soft-hearted Slowboy trailed off at this juncture, into such a deplorable howl, the more tremendous from its long suppression, that she must infallibly have awakened the Baby, and frightened him into something serious (probably convulsions), if her eyes had not encountered Caleb Plummer, leading in his daughter.
Every once in a while some robber turns soft-hearted and takes to driving an ambulance.
Belle and Trix both tried to catch him, and the slyest got him; for, in spite of his airs, he is as soft-hearted as a baby.
Joseph Sedley, who was fond of music, and soft-hearted, was in a state of ravishment during the performance of the song, and profoundly touched at its conclusion.
A fresh and healthy portrait the looking- glass presented of the Reverend Septimus, feinting and dodging with the utmost artfulness, and hitting out from the shoulder with the utmost straightness, while his radiant features teemed with innocence, and soft-hearted benevolence beamed from his boxing- gloves.