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or soft-core  (sôft′kôr′, sŏft′-)
1. Being less explicit than hard-core material in depicting or describing sexual activity: softcore pornography.
2. Moderate: a softcore sports fan.
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Nagle raises important questions about this softcore sadism masquerading as intrepid flippancy, "Do those involved in such memes any longer know what motivated them and if they themselves are being ironic or not?
Following the 2000 Playboy softcore porn film that was discovered last week, (http://edition.
Later on Friday, BuzzFeed said Trump made an appearance in a Playboy softcore pornographic movie from 2000 that it said it had obtained from an online adult video store in New York state.
To another group, I was the guy who had shot tons of softcore.
The scene is marked by a tone of softcore lesbianism that, while hardly progressive, sits perfectly within the logic of the film's dedication to metal's own codes and conventions: for better or for worse, this is the image of empowerment that the genre offers women.
A twisted romance, far more intense than the softcore histrionics in Fifty Shades of Grey, underpins this stylish drama from British writer-director Peter Strickland.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Solid Rubber Cushion Tyre Non-Pneumatic Reinforced Beed Wire Along With Cord Fabric Softcore Make Sunbear/Solideal/Numa Its Equivalent Size: 23 Inch X 6.
No deja de sorprender esta ultima frase que evoca directamente, aunque sin nombrarlo, el cine pornografico hardcore con actos "reales" y no el softcore donde los actos sexuales se simulan (ausencia de penetracion de manera directa y real), cuando, de hecho, las peliculas clasificadas "S" nunca ofrecieron lo que describe la Orden del 7 de abril.
And James Hill perhaps pushed his unconvincing "little boy lost" act a bit too far when he actually asked porn star Jenna Jameson this question: "What's the difference between softcore and hardcore?
Since its introduction more than a decade ago, the SDK has transitioned from targeting hardened DSP slices and softcore MCUs and MPUs (8, 16 and 32 bits); to a hardened 32-bit PowerPC[R] in Virtex[R]-4 and Virtex[R]-5 FPGAs;
I couldn't help but compare FSOG's tame bedroom games with any number of S&Mtheme Japanese "pink" films from the 1970s and early '80s, softcore roughies with titles like "Flower and Snake," "Wife To Be Sacrificed" and "Female Teacher in Rope Hell," in which the invariably meek and trusting heroine is trussed up, hoisted on an ornate arrangement of ropes and pulleys, and tortured and ravaged for hours by a leering and genuinely deranged pervert.
Still the film never pretends to other than what it really is: Softcore porn for the ladies diluted with an R rating.