Solanum nigrum

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Noun1.Solanum nigrum - Eurasian herb naturalized in America having white flowers and poisonous hairy foliage and bearing black berries that are sometimes poisonous but sometimes edibleSolanum nigrum - Eurasian herb naturalized in America having white flowers and poisonous hairy foliage and bearing black berries that are sometimes poisonous but sometimes edible
nightshade - any of numerous shrubs or herbs or vines of the genus Solanum; most are poisonous though many bear edible fruit
garden huckleberry, Solanum burbankii, Solanum melanocerasum, Solanum nigrum guineese, sunberry, wonderberry - improved garden variety of black nightshade having small edible orange or black berries
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Strategies for enhancing the phytoremediation of cadmium-contaminated agricultural soil by Solanum nigrum L.
The aim of this study is the enumeration of microbial population in rhizosphere samples from selected medicinal plants such as, Acalyph indica, Leucas aspera, Ocimum tenuiflorum L, Solanum nigrum and to identify their various activities.
Contrary to this Solanum nigrum was the only species used by healers and documented during the present investigation for treatment of goiter.
Comparative efficacy of the aqueous and hexane extracts of dried fruit of Solanum nigrum was tested against five laboratory colonized strains of mosquito species, namely Anopheles culicifacies species A, An.
13 Silene alba 1 1 Silene vulgaris 7 Solanum dulcamara 4 1 Solanum nigrum 1 1 Spergula arvensis 9 Stellaria graminea 3 6 Stellaria media 1 13 Thlaspi arvense 2 3 Urtica dioica 3 1 5 Urtica urens 3 4 Viola arvensis 1 1 MEADOW PLANTS Alchemilla sp.
In the present study, the efficacy of herbal medicine Liv-52 (consisting of Mandur basma, Tamarix gallica and herbal extracts of Capparis spinosa, Cichorium intybus, Solanum nigrum, Terminalia arjuna and Achillea millefolium) on liver cirrhosis outcomes was compared with the placebo for 6 months in 36 cirrhotic patients referred to Tehran Hepatic Center.
Toxicologists say that black nightshade, Solanum nigrum, contains several glycoalkaloids, which depress the central nervous system.
Iron contents in Hibiscus diversifolius, Cleome gynandra, Tamarindus indica, Solanum nigrum and Corchorus olitorius were of greater than 30% (Table 4).
Comparing the data obtained from interviewed informants with other studies, we summarize the variation of medicinal plant use as follows: The 9 medicinal plant species use at same way: Tamarix nilotica used for treating tooth inflammation [2] Matricaria aurea used for treating coughing [28] Solanum nigrum used for treating wounds [28] Eucalyptus camaldulensis used for treating laxative [1] Ricinus communis used for treating laxative [28,23].
Name of the herb Parts used Quantity Extracts of Capparis spinosa Root 49 mg Cichorium intybus Seed 49 mg Solanum nigrum Whole plant 25 mg Terminalia arjuna Bark 25 mg Cassia occidentals Seed 13 mg Achillea millefolium Aerial part 13 mg Tamarix gallica Whole plant 13 mg
According to him various weeds include: Annual dicotyledonous such as pigweed, Chenopodium types, Solanum nigrum,Abotilon theophrasti, ankles (Flower in an hour) (Hibiscus trionum), and permanent exogenous: Convulvulus arvensis types and Annual single-cotyledon (Grasses) (Echinochloa crus galli), (Setaria sp), Setaria viridis and Cynodon dactylon, Panjeh kutah, Artemisia annua and Ash and permanent exogenous: (Sorghum halepense), and ( Cyprus).