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Noun1.Solea - type genus of the SoleidaeSolea - type genus of the Soleidae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
European sole, Solea solea - highly valued as food
Solea lascaris, lemon sole - small European sole
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With the start of the dangerous summer forest season now upon us, the government has outlined its measures to ensure that a fire on the scale of Solea is not repeated.
In this study, Cox regression models for fixed and time dependent explanatory variables were studied for Solea solea under culture conditions.
But a new spin of all three with good ol' modern dance leaping into the mix was seen and heard in the Jazz Tap Ensemble's new piece, Solea, composed by Jerry Kalaf, in November 2002 at The Joyce Theater in New York City.
Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis, said the runway would serve firefighting aircraft in a bid to "improve our response to fires like the one we had last year in the Solea region.
In La Tania's powerfully structured Solea, one volatile mini-drama seamlessly segued into the next.
The measures are being taken following the large fires in the Solea and Argaka areas last June which destroyed more than 18.
Conversational in tone, Yaelisa's more loosely woven, even rambling Pot Solea encompassed a range of rhythms and emotional textures--from alluring and inquisitive to defiant and exuberant--and displayed her liberating, whole-body involvement.
Additionally, through its Facebook page, MTN has organized and implemented activities such as the contribution of $10,000 towards the reforestation of the burnt forest area of Solea through the 10,000 participations of the game [beaucoup moins que]Oh Yellow Trees[beaucoup plus grand que].
Contract notice: Supply and delivery of electricity to power the tram, buildings and installations of the operator of urban transport network solea (agglomeration of mulhouse).
Her demonic, ferocious Solea, which closed the program, had the quality of a compelling interior monologue, almost Japanese in its abstraction, distillation and beauty.
Following the large fire in the Solea area last summer the government appointed an independent expert committee to evaluate the effectiveness of the island's fire-fighting system.