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n.1.The second law officer in the government of Great Britain; also, a similar officer under the United States government, who is associated with the attorney-general; also, the chief law officer of some of the States.
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Their Solicitor-General was advanced a step, and they put Delamayn in his place.
The Solicitor-General then opened the case for the prosecution," said she.
Solicitor-General then, following his leader's lead, examined the patriot: John Barsad, gentleman, by name.
For saying he has an 'empty skull,' Solicitor-General Jose Calida on Wednesday dared Senator Leila De Lima to show her Bar examination score in Criminal Law and whoever has the lower score should resign.
One of the State's leading barristers has been appointed as the new Solicitor-General of Western Australia.
The Solicitor-General, Robert Buckland QC, yesterday attacked George's punishment as 'unduly lenient.
A bench of the apex court, comprising Justices HL Dattu, Ranjana Desai and Madan Lokur told the Solicitor-General that it amounts to contempt of court as the government has not complied with the SC's directive on 4 July 2011.
Subramaniam said he was resigning to protect the dignity of the Solicitor-General office.