Solid green

See Emerald green (a), under Green.

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References in classic literature ?
The timber beyond clothed the mountain in solid green to what they took to be the top.
On the other end of the symbolism scale, Libya's flag is solid green to symbolize Islam.
A witness behind Coleman indicated he had only a solid green light, which would suggest a requirement to yield, Bader said.
The court refused to accept that the 66 grammes ofcannabiswas for therapeutic orindustrialpurposes and found Andreou guilty of importing the drug with intent to supply as well as producing a solid green substance from herbal cannabis.
In traditional Scottish tweed, for example, what looks like solid green actually has at least 10 to 15 colours, which is similar to the way nature works with colour.
Solid Green Light Interrupted To Where Notice Pedestrians Or In Case Of Exceeding A Speed Of 55 Km / H (Which Registers The Radar Device) The Project Includes Solution Software And Electrical Traffic Light Necessary Supporting Structure And Assembly Works For The Performance Of Traffic Lights And Traffic Equipment.
A "clean pin" alert will flash red when the attached bars require cleaning, whereas it will glow solid green whenever the power unit is on and performing to expectation.
The Parkhead side have launched the change strip from New Balance which is solid green with white pinstripes similar to the away kit during the club's most successful period.
But solid green lights, while also permitting left-hand turns, carry a mixed message, because not all drivers understand that oncoming traffic is also proceeding on green.