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n.1.See Soap.
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Fans can find the Mini Sopes with Avocado recipe, preparation tips and other helpful information in Spanish at www.
Sopes are small burrito shaped dough bases made from cornflour, atop of which rested the tuna and onion.
Sopes are thick little tortillas with a raised rim to keep a topping in place.
Lifft sopes from iol with slotted spoon; drain on paper towels, keeping warm.
Recommended items: Taco de rajas con crema, all soups, sopes compuestos, pork mole verde, chiles en nogada, chile relleno and tamale combination plate, beef fajitas, sopaipillas.
There are the usual tostadas, gorditas, burritos, tacos, seafood (shrimp and tilapia), flautas and sopes items, some as low as $2.