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 (sō′fər, sô-fŭr′)
n. pl. so·fer·im (-fər-ĭm, -fə-rēm′) Judaism
A scribe.

[Hebrew sōpēr, active participle of sāpar, to count, write; see spr in Semitic roots.]
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Using a Sopher 13" clamp with rows of ridges or teeth, "grasp anything you can" inside the womb.
Alan Sopher, chair of the Huddersfield Canal Society added: "Since its reopening the Huddersfield Narrow Canal has already proved a memorable cruise for many.
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In terms of automotive applications, expanded polypropylene, or EPP, can be used pretty much everywhere as a semi-structural material," said Steve Sopher, Pittsburgh-based technical director at JSP Corp.
Panelists representing leading firms will join Prest and Sopher to highlight the report findings and discuss the real-world impact digital solutions are having on supply chains.
Amongst the ten papers presented at the Chicago conference, there were contributions from Elarold Brookfield on the Pacific, David Lowenthal on the Caribbean Region, Chauncy Harris (one time Association of American Geographers President and Secretary-General of the International Geographical Union), Ed Soja on "African Geographical Studies and Comparative Regional Development" and David Sopher on India.
This lack of research is surprising, since mobile devices and applications (MDA) can function as key supply chain enablers (Prest and Sopher 2014), enhancing a firm's visibility in its supply chain and benefitting its responsiveness.
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