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a.1.Teaching wisdom.
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NextBio Personalis Portable Genomics Sciclips Selventa Sophic Systems Alliance Wellpoint Inc.
But with three kids now--Max, 8, Sophic, 11, and 13-year old Collin, who practices with his rock band at home--the need for more space was palpable, even audible.
Sophic thigh," he asserted, "sophic belly, sophic butt.
The manuscript is full of references to the aquila or eagle (the volatile principle or sal ammoniac), aqua fortis or "strong water" (mainly nitric acid), aqua vitae (concentrated alcohol, often distilled wine), "dragons," (symbolizing "the volatile and fixed principles [mercury and sulphur]," 253), sophic mercury (describing the universal agent of transmutation) and the urine of Saturn (an ammonium salt), just to name a few.
Today, Sophic announced the launch of a 12-month, $1.
The Cancer Gene Index is a unique knowledge base, and is used as the foundation for the Biomax BioXM Knowledge Management Environment configuration used daily to support research at NCI's Center for Cancer Research," said Pat Blake, CEO of Sophic and Program Manager for the Project.
Typically these personifications involved masculine and feminine figures representing Sophic Sulphur and Sophic Mercury who were joined in a chemical wedding.
Improving"), an emerging technology consulting and training firm, has finalized an agreement to acquire The Sophic Group, Inc.