isosorbide dinitrate

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i·so·sor·bide di·nit·rate

 (ī′sō-sôr′bīd′ dī-nī′trāt′)
A vasodilator drug, C6H8N2O8, used to treat and prevent angina pectoris.


isosorbide dinitrate

n dinitrato de isosorbida
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Tenders are invited for Tab Isosorbide Dinatrate 10 Mg Sorbitrate
He said that some scholars may disagree about the nose spray just as some disagree that a sorbitrate, a pill placed under the tongue for patients suffering from heart problems, can break the fast.
Life- saving medicines such as Tablet Sorbitrate 10 mg, Soluble Aspirin 100/ 150 mgm, Injection Deriphyllin, Lasix 40 mgm, 25% glucose, Adrenaline 1 ml, Efcorlin 100 mg, Atropine 1 ml, Pheniramine Maleate 25 mgm, etc, are available in long- distance trains.