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n.1.(Bot.) A heap of carpels belonging to one flower.
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Among those represented with collections of the highest quality are Schlossberg (Switzerland), Collection Stiegler and Curt Bauer (both Germany), Kas International (Australia), Martinelli Ginetto (Italy), Sorema (Portugal) and Welspun (Great Britain).
Rosevelt Sorema was shot and killed by armed men who broke into his house in San Jose del Monte on July 5.
During ethnographic investigations under the auspices of the joint French-Cambodia SOREMA (Society, Resistance, Malaria) project, (3) a number of fieldworkers expressed critical views about external health policy advocates.
For the next trial, they started with a wash cycle, using a Sorema (sorema.
105) See, eg, Swierkiewicz v Sorema, 534 US 506 (2002); Leatherman v Tarrant County Narcotics Intelligence and Coordination Unit, 507 US 163 (1993).
With respect to national origin, the only circumstances Swierkiewicz pled are that he is Hungarian, others at Sorema are French, and the conclusory allegation that his termination was motivated by national origin discrimination.
It also acquired Sorema, the Portuguese bath-rugs manufacturer, in December.
21) Although it is not yet clear how applicable the Twombly standard will be to employment discrimination cases (or any non-antitrust cases for that matter), the Court made a point of saying that Twombly did not run counter to its holding in Swierkiewicz v Sorema NA.
001, Tessier was chief financial officer for Sorema, and was also a senior manager in Ernst & Young's audit department.
The justices overturned a federal appeals court which had said Akos Swierkiewicz did not provide enough information or documentation about the alleged discrimination when he sued Sorema, N.
The original term was for four years, but investors were given the right to put the issue back to Sorema annually.
The French insurance group Groupama has transferred its Sorema re-insurance activities to the French re-insurance group Scor through an exchange of shares, making it the leading shareholder in Scor with 17.