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n. & v.1.Sorrow.
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The double sorwe of Troilus to tellen, That was the kyng Priamus sone of Troye, In lovynge, how his aventures fellen Fro wo to wele, and after out of joie, (1.
Herbert, Titus, 3477-3482) And__pe jewes pat pider ^ rome [dede] Pe womans chyld per hem be nome Pe wymen hadde sorwe + meche woo For her lyflode pai beren hem froo And for pis sizht pai weren in drede Pat pai duden pat wicked dede (Laud Misc.
twitch until his anger discharges: 'cryst hem gyue sorwe.
To emphasize this revisionist concern with cross-species compassion, Canacee swears by the "grete God of kynde" as she addresses another species, and expresses a bond between them: "Ye sle me with youre sorwe verraily, / I have of yow so greet compassioun" (V 462-63, 469).
Such sorowe this lady to her tok That trewly I, that made this book, Had such pittee and such rowthe To rede hir sorwe, that, by my trowthe, I ferde the worse al the morwe Aftir to thenken on hir sorwe.
11) and moans in "a contynuel sorwe sobbyd" (Bk I, Prosa 5.
such a grace god hire sente, That for the sorwe which sche made Was non of hem which power hade To don hire eny vileinie.
In the Purification play, as Symeon and Anna await the arrival of the holy family, Symeon muses to Anna: "Swych a sorwe bothe sharpe and smerte / [thorn]at as a swerd perce it xalle [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]even thorwe his moderys herte" (88-90).
Martha turns to Jesus, expressing her faith in him, but the Magdalene remains disconsolate: 'Alas my mowth is bytter as galle / grett sorwyn my herte on tweyn hath scorn / Now bat my brothyr from syth is lorn / ber may no myrth my care releve / Alas be tyme bat I was born / be swerde of sorwe myn hert doth cleve' (323-8).
Wyth my spud of sorwe swote I reche to pyne hert rote.
And shortly to concluden al his wo, So muche sorwe hadde nevere creature That is, or shal, whil that the world may dure.