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n.1.(Old Min. Chem.) Green vitriol, or some earth imregnated with it.
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Groomsmen were George Kahlil Dahcluh, Louis Patrick Frascogna, Breck Ridley Hines, Percy Forrest Quinn, and Cullen GeneveII Reeves III, all of Jackson; and Samuel Cole Eaton of Madison, Michael Sherman Henry and William Phillip Petro of Oxford, Robert Crawford O'Reilly of Stoneville, and Frank Desha Sory of Yazoo City.
Konna Mayor Sory Diakite told The Associated Press that 20 bodies had been recovered by midday.
ve at s d in a panies were granted st year - which sory firm Deloitte says reat sign that eturning to the omy.
She said she helped her daughter buy cleaning products the day she disappeared, but now believes the job was a cover sory.
Primary mandibular first molars usually have two roots and three root canals and the formation of acces- sory roots is uncommon.
Jail Sory Kandia Kouyate, with the Ballet Africain, sang Keme Bourema's name into immortality.
Quick Food Products, which employs ten people at its factory in Cross Street North, worked with theManufacturing Adv sory Service-West Midlands (MASWM) to develop the new products.
Sory Morales del Museo del Oro, Quimbaya - Armenia, auditorio Centro de Museos, septiembre 21 de 2009 (MCM, OGM, JOL, LMG, GG, CM, JS, y OZ).
Torres; Ambassador of Malawi Geoffrey Lufu James Mvula; Ambassador of Cyprus Efstathios Orphanides; Ambassador of Guinea Ibrahima Sory Traore; and Ambassador of Iceland Sverrir Haukur Gunnlaugsson.
Speakers included Dr Elias Sory, Regional Director of Health Services, who emphasised the role of the midwife in poverty reduction and in supporting the healthy life of the newborn; Mr Frank Amoako Boateng, President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, who pledged the support of pharmacists to midwives in learning the knowledge of drugs and pharmacy practice; and the Hon Abu-Bakar Sarddique Boniface, giving the keynote address, who described midwives as 'super-mothers' making motherhood possible and safe for other women.
In her mind, their common identity as "whores" shapes their friendship, she the mistress of a married Ibrahima Sory and Adama the lover of a white foreigner.
There are reports of a five-year pay freeze and unpai d compul sory overtime.