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A city of southern Poland, an industrial suburb of Katowice.


(Polish sɔsˈnɔvjɛts)
(Placename) an industrial town in S Poland. Pop: 223 284 (2007 est)


(sɒsˈnoʊv yɛts)

a city in S Poland. 259,000.
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We were sent back to the camp on the 10th November and put under close arrest, on the 13th we were court-martialed (escaping was classed as sabotage, a courtmartial offence) my pal was 'awarded' six-days and I eleven days (I was the worst offender as I spoke German) to be spent in Sosnowitz Bunker.
Demerer had immigrated to Austria from Sosnowitz before the war and had an excellent command of the German language, or so it seemed to me then.