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See Sirius.

[Greek Sōthis, from Egyptian spdt.]


(Astronomy) another name for Sirius
[Greek; see Sothic]


(ˈsoʊ θɪs)

the name for the star Sirius, the Dog Star, given by the ancient Egyptians.
[< Greek Sṓthis < Egyptian spdt]
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Noun1.Sothis - the brightest star in the skySothis - the brightest star in the sky; in Canis Major
Canis Major, Great Dog - a constellation to the southeast of Orion; contains Sirius
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Contractor address : Sothis Servicios Tecnolgicos, S.
The most famous stars of the Dendera temple are the The Priest (Star Watcher in ancient Egyptian which told Egyptians the time), The Rising of Sothis (named after Isis) which marked the start of the New Year and the Dendera Zodiac Puzzle of the Greco-Roman period which, for more than 3,000 years, guided Egyptians through time and place.
Being an entrepreneur demandsyou to get out there and hustle, andSMEs thrive on working together, sothis sector sees a dynamic networking
BruceRaymond,racingmanager to owner Abdulla Al Mansoori, said: "He has been racing on heavygrounduntil now, sothis wasbetterforhim.
Isis, in the guise of Sothis, was associated by the Egyptians with the
La imagen de la mulier super bestia procede de la Antiguedad: Isis cabalgando sobre Sothis, Tanith sobre leones, Juno Dolicena sobre un ciervo, Cibeles y Magna Mater, representadas en relieves, sellos y lamparas de la epoca imperial romana cuando estos cultos orientales invadieron la peninsula italica (64).
According to a report in the National Geographic News, a team of Egyptian researchers arrived at the date based on calculations of historical appearances of the star Sothis, which is today called Sirius.
1985): Sothis and the Satet temple on Elephantine: a direct connection.
For the Egyptians the personification of Sirius was the goddess Sopdet, known as Sothis in the Greco-Roman period.