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Noun1.sound film - motion-picture film with sound effects and dialogue recorded on itsound film - motion-picture film with sound effects and dialogue recorded on it
cine-film, motion-picture film, movie film - photographic film several hundred feet long and wound on a spool; to be used in a movie camera
soundtrack - sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film
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In addition to their rather good eyesight, bats use sound to map their surroundings and help find prey in the gloom of evening, using echoes to the calls they make to build up a sound picture.
happy to say that I have been able to get a fair and sound picture of what is
Saturday evening's concert was a case in point, with John McCabe's orchestral tone-poem Red Leaves offering an evocative sound picture of New England in the fall, its muted horns duetting like stags at bay and autumnal colours full of rich sonorities.
The recorded sound is full and clear, with Gauvin front and centre, but with the orchestra just a bit too far back in the sound picture.
Still, it is offset by the clarity and brilliance of the overall sound picture.
The calls were recorded and put onto the computer to make a sonogram, or sound picture.
The calls were recorded and put on to a computer to make a sonogram, or in other words, a sound picture.
Their pivotal themes are the evolving life patterns and political struggles of former foraging societies; how historical and evolutionary perspectives and processes can be combined to produce a sound picture of local and global patterns of change; and egalitarianism as a theoretical possibility, a historical fact, and a political project.
Within two years of the release of the first sound picture, revenue-sharing contracts were the norm, and they remain the norm to this day.
Oticon Epoq's breakthrough digital technology enables two Epoq hearing instruments for the first time to work together to process sound, similar to the way the brain receives input from two ears to deliver the best sound picture.
Anthony Negus conducts, and the engineers have achieved a fine sound picture with minimal stage noise.