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or South·land  (south′lănd′, -lənd)
A region in the south of a country or an area.

south′land·er n.


(Physical Geography) the southern part of a country or area


(ˈsaʊθ lənd, -ˌlænd)

1. a southern area.
2. the southern part of a country.
[before 1000]
south′land`er, n.
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Noun1.southland - any region lying in or toward the south
region - a large indefinite location on the surface of the Earth; "penguins inhabit the polar regions"
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Even the Indians did not travel at such low temperatures, and theirs was the wisdom of thousands of generations; yet here was this Daylight, from the soft Southland, harder than they, laughing at their fears, and swinging along the trail ten and twelve hours a day.
Quite different was it from the ordinary snow known to those of the Southland.
Sometimes, when a soft southland dog went down, shrieking its death-cry under the fangs of the pack, this man would be unable to contain himself, and would leap into the air and cry out with delight.
A soft southland dog would have died under it, but not he.
With this gracious speech Glinda dismissed the adventurers, and they wandered away through the beautiful gardens, where they passed several hours enjoying all the delightful things with which the Queen of the Southland had surrounded her royal palace.
That was the last he saw of the man in the red sweater, and as Curly and he looked at receding Seattle from the deck of the Narwhal, it was the last he saw of the warm Southland.
The one was an oldish man with a thin beard, a crooked nose, and a broad red smudge from a birth-mark over his temple; the other was a negro, a thing rarely met in England at that day, and rarer still in the quiet southland parts.
At this weeks 2016 LGNZ (Local Government New Zealand) Excellence Awards in Dunedin, Southland District Council won the Chorus Excellence Award for Best Practice in Infrastructure Management, for their programme Changing Direction, The Way Forward for Southlands Roads.
Southlands Motor Company, based in Whitley Bay, offers bespoke camper van conversions to suit your own specifications.
Claire Harrison, 29, and son Jake Mckenna, nine, both took bronze at the Venray tournament in the Netherlands while competing for Southlands Judo Club.
The lions completed their build-up to their Test opener against the All-Blacks on Saturday with an uninspiring 26-16 win against Southlands today.
The acquisition is to be based solely on the granting of Southland stock and subject to Southlands final financial due diligence.