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Noun1.Soviet KGB - formerly the predominant security police organization of Soviet RussiaSoviet KGB - formerly the predominant security police organization of Soviet Russia
Russian agency - an administrative agency of the Russian government
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Dissidents accused the Soviet KGB of being behind the killing.
The weapon that killed him was partly developed by the Soviet KGB.
You had the Soviet KGB and the East German Stasi against the American CIA, British MI6 and French DGSE.
According to the diaries of Ivan Serov, who ran the Soviet KGB from 1954 to 1958, Wallenberg was executed in a Soviet prison in 1947.
Such headlines echo the practices of Iran's security agencies as well as the Soviet KGB and its successors in today's Russia.
A reputed friend and former colleague of Putin from their days in the Soviet KGB, Ivanov had long been regarded as one of the Russian president's closest allies.
Russia could also become a sponsor of terrorist groups that target the West, as the Soviet KGB did during the Cold War.
First and foremost, in any review of the basics regarding Putin, the most outstanding fact is that he is a creature of the Soviet KGB, a truly diabolical organization nonpareil, which stood for murder, terror, and grand deception.
Before 1978, DS agents, with the help of the Soviet KGB, made two attempts to assassinate Markov.
Clayton Lonetree was given a 30-year sentence, later reduced to 15 years, for giving the Soviet KGB the identities of CIA agents in the early 1980s.
Shot in New York, The Americans stars Rhys, pictured right, as Philip and Keri Russell as Elizabeth, two Soviet KGB officers who plan to spy on the United States by posing as an American married couple in the suburbs of Washington DC.
We discover in the pilot episode, which sees the pair living in suburbia in 1981 with their two kids, that Phillip and Elizabeth are in fact Soviet KGB agents who have spent the last 15 years pretending to be Americans.

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