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n.1.See 1st Spade.
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Tintle, who first began researching SPAID in the 1980s, says the finding is significant "as a health tool, alerting owners to watch their dogs carefully for signs of SPAID, and as a breeding tool, with the aim of reducing the presence of SPAID in the worldwide Shar-Pei population" by not breeding dogs at high risk for SPAID.
With their SPAID architecture and unique SAN independent approach, Troika is on the leading-edge of high-performance network-based storage solutions," said Marc Staimer, president of Dragon Slayer Consulting.
The combination of StoreAge and iVivity's SPAID optimized solutions delivers unsurpassed performance and compactness," said Mark Spowart, president of StoreAge Networking Technologies.
Using the StoreAge/iVivity product, OEM customers can implement intelligent network or array-based SPAID storage area networks that deploy a full suite of data protection storage services (e.
SPAID architectures are used to create intelligent, network-based SAN storage management and data protection solutions.