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(in the names of places or churches) abbreviation for
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) Saint (female)
2. (Placename) Saint (female)
[Italian Santa]


1. Santa.
2. Station.


1. station.
2. stationary.
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1aq encompasses all functionalities of existing technologies, such as Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Multiple MAC Registration Protocol (MMRP) into a single, easy-to-use link state protocol.
Among these protocols are Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), Link-Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), Novell IPX, DECnet Phase IV protocols, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Wake-on-LAN Magic Packets.
Darukhanawalla (engineering management, Cisco Enhanced Customer Aligned Test Services) and Bellagamba (Multiprotocal Label Switching expert) provide Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)-based solutions for a high-speed, low-latency network and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) isolation between data centers.
Key interoperability features were tested using several Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3 features such as 10/100/1000 BASE-T Auto-Negotiation, Spanning Tree Protocol support and Link Aggregation protocols, as well as IP Static Routing.
These include SNMP, QoS, CLI, Telnet, password security, port settings control, Spanning Tree Protocol, VLANs, BootP/DHCP, and GUI network management packages.
Shehzad Merchant, Extreme Networks vice president of technology, presents at 11:30 am on Tuesday, May 8th on the key data center topic: "Alternatives to the Spanning Tree Protocol.
Specialist Johnson closely follows the course curriculum and other materials, working through LAN design (with labs that review concepts learned from exercises and explain troubleshooting a small network), basic switch concepts and configuration (including managing switch operating system and configuration files), VLANs (including basic configuration and troubleshooting), VTP (configuration and troubleshooting), STP (including basic spanning tree protocol and troubleshooting) Inter-VLAN routing, and basic wireless concepts and configuration (including configuration and troubleshooting).