a.1.Lively; brisk; gay.
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BULLETIN BOARD: TCOM) announced today, that it has retained the services of Sparkful Investments Limited to provide investor relations management for China investors.
Sparkful Investments is an investment services alliance network in Asia that links China investors to stock markets across Asia.
Kelly Yeung of Sparkful Investments Limited Tel: +852-9880-0015 Email: kellyy@goongreen.
com's New 'Employee Rights Center' Helps Employees Understand Their Rights, Connect With an Attorney LNW013 10/20/2004 07:06 r f bc-HK-Tlcm-Comm-Rtns (HONG KONG) Telecom Communications Retains Sparkful Investments for China Investor Relations Service NYW065 10/20/2004 07:06 r f bc-CA-Netwrk-InsT-Awd (IRVINE) Network Installation Awarded Telecom Solution Order From Narragansett Bay Commission LAW010 10/20/2004 07:07 r f bc-CO-Q-Mark-San-Joaquin (DENVER) Health Plan of San Joaquin Selects Q Mark to Support Its Need for a Complete End-to-End HEDIS Software Solution LAW023 10/20/2004 07:07 r f bc-CO-Reed-Grp-Moran-CEO (WESTMINSTER) Reed Group Announces Kevin D.