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a.1.Like a spark; airy; gay.
2.Showy; well-dresed; fine.
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The most obvious meaning of the dance is that it is a symbolic representation and mocking parody of the literal cuckolds in the play, who are right there in front of the dancers: Sir Japer Fidget and Pinchwife; and, though he is not yet married, Sparkish has an honorary position in this group, having forced Harcourt into his fiancee's arms.
As well, marriage is merely a business transaction where Pinchwife gives Sparkish "five thousand pound to lye with [his] Sister" (268).
That is why she maintains what is apparently an absurd faithfulness to Sparkish or what one might even call a dishonest one, especially in our post-romantic world where one is supposed to be true to oneself above all else.