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a.1.Like a spark; airy; gay.
2.Showy; well-dresed; fine.
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The most obvious meaning of the dance is that it is a symbolic representation and mocking parody of the literal cuckolds in the play, who are right there in front of the dancers: Sir Japer Fidget and Pinchwife; and, though he is not yet married, Sparkish has an honorary position in this group, having forced Harcourt into his fiancee's arms.
Margery Pinchwife Fiona Glascott Sparkish Jo Stone-Fewings Lady Fidget Patricia Hodge Sir Jaspar Fidget Nicholas Day Harcourt John Hopkins Lady Alithea Elisabeth Dermot Walsh Doilant Tristan Beint Mrs.
An earlier example can be found in the romantic subplot of William Wycherley's The Country Wife (1676), where the heroine, Alithea, feels obligated to keep a prior promise to the foppish Sparkish even though he is inferior in almost every respect to her ardent suitor, Harcourt Courtly.
While the affair between Forward and Sparkish is discovered and ended, her behavior in a second affair leads her to a life of prostitution and eventual incarceration.
But see, where Fresca in her boudoir sits, Surrounded by a court of sparkish wits: Her practiced eye directs its conscious darts At the small tyrants of the several Arts (127)