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a.1.Sparing; parsimonious.
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Commenting on the appointment, CBRE Middle East's head of investor leasing, Anthony Spary, said: "CBRE is delighted to partner with Al Barari for the launch of Seventh Heaven retail.
Anthony Spary, head of investor leasing, CBRE Middle East, said, "CBRE is delighted to partner with Al Barari for the launch of Seventh Heaven retail.
5 Ltrs Bottle, Make: Any Reputed Make () Crc 2-26 Power Spray, 500 Ml, Electro With 2 Spary Technology, Make: Crc India Manufacturing & Distributor () Dc 2-26 Power Spray For Maintenance Of Electrical Equipments (415 Ml) Aerosol Spray () Dc Lutraclean, Heavy Duty Contact Cleaner & Degreaser (350 Gms) Aerosol Spray () Good Quality, Pvc Electrical Insula
With a dynamic young population and one of the highest global per capita internet penetration levels, the UAE is taking a lead, driving e-commerce in the region," says Anthony Spary, director of investor leasing at CBRE Middle East, commenting on the Middle East market, particularly the UAE.
Murder in Successville certainly falls into the 'original' category, which means the brains behind it, Avril Spary and Andy Brereton, need to stand up and take a bow.
This result shows that the dolomite was deposited in intertidal to supratidal environment which was later replaced by spary calcite, this interpretation is in agreement with the interpretation based on petrographic data.
CLASS war vandals targeted one of Tyneside's wealthiest suburbs in spary paint hate raids.
Composers include Samuel Scheidt, Purcell, Robert Lucas Pearsall, Jean Baptiste Eduard Du Puy, Louise Farrenc, Wagner, Henri Kling, Agathe Backer-Grandahl, Dvorak, Wilhelm Volkmann, Jules de Swert, Mussorgsky, Scriabin, Louis Delune, Karl Eduard Goepfart, Ravel, Berg, Emil Kronke, Satie, Josef Spary, Puccini, and Hendrik Willems.
A new member is Chandra Spary of Card Systems, who joins an impressive roster of community-minded business people on the board of directors, including Joanne Show of Central Bank, Noelle Casagrande-Montgomery of Chico's FAS, Connie Ramos-Williams of CONRIC PR & Marketing and Shiree Woody of Waterman Broadcasting.
Shapin y Schaffer (1985), Bertoloni (2006) y el compendio editado por Klein y Spary (2010) son una pequena muestra de la literatura que sobre este tema se ha desarrollado.
Los estudios historicos sobre la divulgacion cientifica entre distintos publicos han sido desarrollados por James Secord, Emma Spary, Robert Webb, Aileen Fyfe, Javier Ordonez, Alberto Elena, Agusti Nieto, Nick Jardine, Bernard Lightman, entre muchos otros.