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His right hand rested on the pommel of a sheathed sword, apparently a spatha (the three-foot long weapon favored by the Roman heavy infantry and cavalry), the point of which touched the statue base alongside Napoleon's right foot.
Synonyms: Iridina wahlbergi Krauss, 1848; Platiris wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Spatha wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Spathella wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Mutela wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Aspatharia wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Spathopsis wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848).
Some of them are better known and can be precisely replaced on such equipment as a spatha baldric, a cingulum or horse bits.
Four spatha hilt-guards with openwork decoration, adaptable on wood or bone handles, probably show the most common Roman type in the first half of the third century AD, while two precious stone sword-pommels (one of rock crystal and one of jade) illustrate the preferences of oriental peoples, perhaps the Sassanids.
Another, longer Petzl Spatha brand knife with a three-inch blade cost just pounds 13.
Referee: Illias Spathas (Greece) TV: Setanta Ireland 7.
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Matt Spathas, CEO of Bandwidth Now and a partner at SENTRE Partners, described the network as "the next generation workplace.
Wireless Carrier & Infrastructure: * Bandwidth Now -- Matt Spathas and Steve Williams for installing, provisioning and managing Building Optical Network (BON).
The improved common areas and renovated amenities, not to mention the Karl Strauss Brewery and Beer Garden make the Tech Center, a true asset to the future of San Diego," said Matt Spathas, Partner with SENTRE Partners, a San Diego-based real estate services and investment firm.
The panel of experts includes Louay Alsadek, broker, Grubb & Ellis/BRE Commercial; Tyler Orion, president and CEO, San Diego Regional Technology Alliance; Matt Spathas, partner, SENTRE Partners and CEO, Bandwidth Now; and Jeffrey Stoke, partner, Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch.
Kim Spathas, senior vice president/marketing, said the high tech package has been enthusiastically received by those who've signed up for it.