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n.1.(Zool.) A woodpecker.
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She absolutely could be more popular than Diana," Erin Specht, who dated Markle's half-brother Thomas Markle Jr.
In their 2011 book Leading Wisely in Difficult Times, the Catholic thinkers Michael Naughton and David Specht talk about the need for practical wisdom in business executives who are beleaguered by financial crises, corporate scandals and business corruption.
On Sheldon's first possession, Strahm hit receiver Pavel Specht over the middle and Specht raced for a 55-yard touchdown 1 minute, 6 seconds into the game.
This partnership is the logical continuation of several years of cooperation in various aspects of printing design," said Sebastian Specht, responsible for brand owner business at Siegwerk.
Specht was trying unsuccessfully to clear a patch in the snow for the family dog to relieve itself.
Edited by Stephen Smith, Brian Diers, James Specht, and Brett Carver
It's a problem that faces Lunenburg mom Sarah Specht, as she has to come to terms with the rare form of epilepsy that plagues her 31/2-year-old son Hunter.
Existen distintos factores que pueden prolongar la duracion del crecimiento larval, desde condiciones abioticas, exposicion a predadores y parasitoides hasta por el tipo de planta alimenticia empleada (Stamp & Bowers 1986, Specht et al.
25 June 2012 - Robert C Grubic has been hired as the new board chairman and William A Specht III will serve as his deputy at Mid Penn Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:MPB), the US bank holding company said on Friday.
There have been various reviews of the radiocarbon dates for early Lapita sites, especially within the Bismarck Archipelago (Kirch and Hunt 1988; Specht and Gosden 1997; Kirch 2001; Summerhayes 2001,2010; Spriggs 2003; Specht 2007).
Student leaders yesterday reacted with fury to the comments from John Specht, UK vice-president of the Spearmint Rhino chain.
John Specht, UK vice president of Spearmint Rhino, a chain of strip clubs operating throughput UK, US, Europe, Russia and Australia, said that girls who join the club do so, so that they can earn money and survive.