Special bail

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(Law) sureties who undertake that, if the defendant is convicted, he shall satisfy the plaintiff, or surrender himself into custody.

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1000 millions special bail out package to meet monetary challenges and allotment of 200 acres land for housing purpose for teachers,officers and employees.
Ms Brooks had sought special bail conditions given the domestic nature of the alleged offence.
Depute fiscal Hazel Emmerson said that even though Ms Smith had indicated she was happy for him to return to the family home, the Crown would be insisting on special bail conditions.
They were of the view that no university can achieve and retain a leading position on international ranking unless it has generous and sustained financial support, thus, the federal government should announce special bail out package for QAU equal to its annual deficit and approve the already submitted project(s) immediately.
The Scottish Court Service confirmed the couple, both 52, were subjected to special bail conditions which prevented them buying or securing a share in a property.
Prosecutors asked for special bail conditions banning Calderhead from his wife's street and from approaching or contacting her.
No special bail conditions were imposed and all four men were given unconditional bail by Mr Rushbrooke to appear at Caernarfon Crown Court on Monday April 18.
Decrying the ruling on Friday, De Lima said the special bail grant for Enrile was a step back to having a banana republic judicial system.
Bentham, 22, of Monmouth, was allowed special bail to play in tournaments including an Open qualifier.
He called for special bail out package for the sake of reviving tourism in the country.
Special bail conditions will keep anyone arrested for violent behaviour out of the city centre until after the festive season, and plain-clothes officers will mingle with drinkers to spot trouble before it happens.
The 34-year-old former MI5 intelligence officer, who appeared in court for the first time last week charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act, was given special bail conditions to allow him to travel North to watch the game.
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