Special damage

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(Law) a damage resulting from the act complained of, as a natural, but not the necessary, consequence of it.
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The trial judge's description of Keays's condition explains the original award of mental distress damages the Supreme Court left intact even when it overturned the other special damage awards: "The devastating impact of the termination on Mr.
FRCP 9(g) titled "Special Damages" provides: "If an item of special damage is claimed, it must be specifically stated.
It must also be noted that vehicle damage and/or hire charges and disbursements incurred as part of the claims process are excluded for the purpose of valuing the claim, but can be recovered within the process as an element of special damage or costs.
In such cases, there is no need for the plaintiff to prove that they have suffered special damage.
like Defendant (as noted above) could recover general damages for libel without pleading or proving special damage if the libelous article had a tendency to damage it in its line of business.
Consistent with this hypothesis, the article finds evidence using data on over 17,000 closed bodily injury claims that special damage claims that exceed their expected value receive proportionally lower general damage awards than claims that do not.
Four fire engines and the special damage control unitwere called to the complex in Melwood Drive, West Derby.
The panel discussed terrorism, class actions, special damage suits and the importance of risk management analysis internally and externally.
To prove defamation, the plaintiff must show a publication that is false and has a natural tendency to injure or causes special damage.
Billions of dollars in special damage awards can be saved, without any claimed loss of full compensation to claimants, simply by taking into account the fact that one of the major costs of the tort system--health care--is no longer being provided by the fee-for-service contract but at a greatly discounted rate by managed care.
To accommodate insurance coverage needs in the rapidly developing country, AIR's China earthquake model incorporates special damage functions for structures under construction, typically covered by construction all risks/erection all risks (CAR/EAR) policies.
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