Special damage

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(Law) a damage resulting from the act complained of, as a natural, but not the necessary, consequence of it.
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It must also be noted that vehicle damage and/or hire charges and disbursements incurred as part of the claims process are excluded for the purpose of valuing the claim, but can be recovered within the process as an element of special damage or costs.
17) Insurers investigate the validity of special damage claims by contacting doctors, performing their own medical exams, verifying wage rates and work absences, and conducting other research.
Four fire engines and the special damage control unitwere called to the complex in Melwood Drive, West Derby.
The panel discussed terrorism, class actions, special damage suits and the importance of risk management analysis internally and externally.
To accommodate insurance coverage needs in the rapidly developing country, AIR's China earthquake model incorporates special damage functions for structures under construction, typically covered by construction all risks/erection all risks (CAR/EAR) policies.
The person suing must usually prove special damage, with certain exceptions such as allegations about professional conduct.
The Complaint requests two times the amount of his back pay incurred as a result of the Defendants' conduct, plus interest; reinstatement to his former position and compensation level; compensation for special damages he has sustained as a result of the companies' conduct, including compensatory damages for emotional distress; litigation costs and reasonable attorneys' fees; and other relief the Court deems just and proper.
Taksatoren on call - primarily by damage during the deductible limit (1,000,000 DKK) - for example in the case of a series of accidents such as storms and cloudbursts and special damages where it is estimated that the Building Authority is best served with assistance in relation to damage assessment, damage assessment and subsequent project management of repairs and improvements.
Whistle blowers under the FCA are entitled to the following relief: Reinstatement with the same seniority status that the employee, contractor, or agent would have had but for the discrimination; two times the amount of back pay; interest on the back pay; and compensation for any special damages sustained as a result of the discrimination, including litigation costs and reasonable attorney'fees.
While both areas can be challenging, it is special damages that warrant particular scrutiny.
In injury cases, there is a cap on how much of the damages can be paid to solicitors of up to 25% of your general and special damages.
The judge said: "In my view the case pleaded in support of the claim for special damages is, to say the least, very thin on its own terms.
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