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We are a quarterly and expect to publish a special issue once a year, every year.
I am very pleased to introduce this Special Issue of Journal of Health and Human Services Administration (JHHSA) on "Public Health, Healthcare Administration, Health Economics & Finance from USA, Europe and the Rest of the World"
This special issue on "The Banalization of War" has, sadly, been made all the more timely by the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris and the subsequent shootings in San Bernardino, California, and by the immediate political and popular responses to them in Europe and the United States.
54 (October 2014): Special Issue on Ethnomusicology Scholarship and Teaching: Then, Now, and Into the Future.
As President-Elect of the Canadian Sex Research Forum (CSRF), I am thrilled to be introducing this special issue of The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality (CJHS), featuring a selection of adapted research presentations from the 41st annual meeting which took place in Kingston, Ontario, in October 2014.
KARACHI -- Sindh Information and Archives Department has published a special issue titled "Martyrdom is our Pride" on the occasion of 36th martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
PESHAWAR -- The Gandhara Hindko Board (GHB), a literary, cultural and social welfare organization, has devoted a special issue of its Hindko journal to a great religious scholar late Syed Muhammad Ameer Shah Gillani.
The work on special issue of the journal Sarkhel has been launched by arranging a preparatory meeting at the shrine of the late scholar, lovingly called Maulvi Jee.
This is a special issue on the accounting profession, with a focus on topics that have received much attention as of late.
ASME's Journal of Manufacturing Engineering and Science is offering a special issue on thermally assisted manufacturing through the ASME Digital Collection.
What a wonderful opportunity to be the guest editor for a very diverse special issue.
In February 2012, as a vigorous campaign was being mounted, Mitchell McKinney approached us with the idea of guest editing a special issue on presidential debates.
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