Special property

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(Law) a qualified or limited ownership possession, as in wild animals, things found or bailed.
- Burrill.

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The masses feel that drunkenness, stupidity, and immorality should be their own special property, and that if any one of us makes an ass of himself, he is poaching on their preserves.
The young lady thus claimed as the dowager's special property, reiterated her question with an explanation.
The word 'culture' attached to it denotes that it is a special property which is part of the totality of a people's way of life that is shared and transmitted from generation to generation.
He joins from Safehold Special Risk, where he was managing director for special property.
Contract notice: open procedure for the award of services for running and maintenance of the fixed installations in special property complexes of large railway stations operated by grandi spa.
An option to purchase this special property is possible.
This very special property is situated in a slightly elevated hillside position surrounded by the Gors Maen Llwyd Moors and Nature Reserve and is within a short distance of the village of Nantglyn.
This may be the very last development site on Van Cortland Park and is a special property on busy Broadway, ideal for retail medical offices," said Andrew Lichtenstein, the exclusive listing broker.
The government meeting also endorsed compositions of boards of the Customs Service under the government of Tajikistan, the Agency for Special Property Maintenance, and the Agency for Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Trade Inspection.
This is not only due to the economic crisis that has eaten into household incomes, but also to the special property tax paid via power bills reports Kathimerini.
Given this special property, there are virtually no limits to the potential applications for the plastic," says Jurgen Hattig, head of business development for TPU at Bayer MaterialScience.
Melfyn Williams, managing director of Bangor-based Williams and Goodwin, The Property People and auctioneer for the All-Wales Auction brand appeared on a special property edition of Dragon's Den for PPS live property computer show.

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