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     To specifical relate.
Cramlingtonbased biomass spe cialists The Wood Heating Company are working with North Shieldsbased neighbours Geowarmth to specifical ly capitalise on appetite for biomass heating driven by the RHI.
Leon County reserves the right to negotiate with the successful vendor (s) for related items not specifical
Schor for addressing this important topic, I feel strongly that readers of the Townsend Letter deserve a more balanced and comprehensive assessment of the current status of estrogen metabolism and the relevance of the many clinical studies to the general validity and future use of the estrogen metabolite ratio (EMR), specifical ly, 2-hydroxyestrogen (designated as 20HE1 for brevity) to 16a-hydroxyestrone ratio.
As it turns out, Kael was very much out of touch with many aspects of the production process, specifical ly the various changes a script goes through even as the movie is filming.
Tour operators must adopt its traditionally homogenious product- means packages throught specifical tourists preferences.
Industry and Trade Minister Ergun, who also got together with Turkish entrepreneurs owning companies or working in large companies in the valley, said they wanted to develop specifical assistance models for the informatics center.
essential, specifical [sic] or distinguishing modification of the matter
More specifical ly within the context of joint ventures, this experimentation is joint because it is based upon collaboration between people affected in the joint venture by parent companies.
They were said to be planning to restrict Mr Vandevelde to bonuses that depend on achieving specifical financial targets.
Specifical ly, they would be able to employ any one of the following approaches in their separately issued financial statements, regardless of whether or not they are legally separate entities:
The remainder is engineering services for specifical designed data systems tailored to the individual needs of the clients.

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