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1. A game resembling soccer but differing mainly in that a ball caught on the fly may be passed with the hands and points may be scored by a forward pass over the goal line.
2. Slang An intravenous dose of cocaine mixed with heroin or an amphetamine.


(Recreational Drugs) slang a mixture of heroin with amphetamine or cocaine



1. any combination of a stimulant and a depressant taken together, esp. a mixture of heroin and cocaine or heroin and methamphetamine injected into the bloodstream.
2. to take a speedball.
[1930–35, Amer.]


[ˈspiːdbɔːl] N
1. (= game) → speedball m
2. (= drugs) → chute m de cocaína con heroína
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Tactical content of the forehand is determined by: direction hits, the length of hits, trajectory of the ball, speed ball, the effect printed ball, precision hits, player placement and placement hits.
The Inquirer's Roy Luarca reported that Roach left the ring satisfied as Pacquiao proceeded exuberantly to do a total of 24 rounds, including hitting the heavy bag, the speed ball, and skipping ropes.
Plus de 800 jeunes athletes tunisiens se sont reunis a l'occasion de la version 2016 du BNA Beach Games, pour concourir dans 7 disciplines, contre 4 lors de la precedente edition : Beach Handball, Beach Rugby, Beach Volleyball, l'Aviron, CanoE1/2-Kayak, l'Aquathlon et le Speed Ball.
Egypt won the 27th World Speed Ball Championship held in Krakow, Poland between from 18 to 24 November.
FIEVI-Shot's first response was their hybrid Speed Ball, which runs about half the price of the original.
Chris Algieri uses a speed ball during his training camp in Las Vegas yesterday.
In addition there was a funfair, dog speed ball, owl sanctuary, the famous Fabio Parrot, donkey rides, fire engine, an inflatable zone with some great bouncy castles.
Speed Ball - Reduces the reaction time of the opposing team's outfielders for the next shot.
Client Name : Egyptian Federation of Speed Ball, The Cashier
PUPILS at a top independent girls boarding school have taken up lacrosse - the high speed ball game invented by Native Americans.
In another shot he slips on a black tuxedo jacket and also goes a few rounds with a speed ball.