spell checker

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spell checker

or spell·check·er (spĕl′chĕk′ər)
An application within most word processing programs that checks for spelling errors in documents.

spell check v.


(or spell′ing) check`er,

a computer program for checking the spelling of words in an electronic document.
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Castillo's decision does not, in fact, qualify as a sign of the end of Western civilization - or at least, in a lineup of such signs, students' use of spell-checking software would fall toward the rear.
Spell-checking doesn't need to be so backward, writes Chris Wilson, an assistant editor at Slate.
QuarkXPress 7 Canadian Edition also supports spell-checking and full text authoring, following specific hyphenation and justification rules for French, US English and International English.
The changes are a direct result of user requests, said company president Braden Messenger, who noted spell-checking tops the list of requests.
A THE spell-checking facility in Outlook Express relies on having the Microsoft Office 97 or 2000 spell checking components installed (so you must have Word, PowerPoint or something similar at the very least).
Install minimal program options and disable unnecessary overhead, such as animated "help" characters, automatic formatting and automatic spell-checking, and auto-save (don't forget to save manually).
0 features integrated spell-checking, online help, an easy setup wizard, a multiple signatures feature, an e-mail address book, a drag-and-drop functionality and a single database to store all e-mails.
The champ receives $5,000 and other prizes, including a laptop computer - which does not come equipped with spell-checking software.
Doi likens the system to a spell-checking program, used in word processing to catch typographical errors before printing a document.
One newsletter I produce follows a production schedule where all materials pass through two spell-checking systems.
They took something basic and ubiquitous, DNS, and improved it by adding spell-checking and phishing protection (usability enhancements).