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Noun1.Sphaerocarpales - small order sometimes included in the order Jungermanniales
plant order - the order of plants
class Hepaticae, class Hepaticopsida, Hepaticae, Hepaticopsida - liverworts: comprises orders Anthocerotales; Jungermanniales; Marchantiales; Sphaerocarpales
family Sphaerocarpaceae, Sphaerocarpaceae - liverworts with bilaterally symmetrical gametophytes; sometimes placed in the order Jungermanniales
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In the small and early divergent order Sphaerocarpales, Sphaerocarpos, seems to employ an alternate strategy of ephemeral habit for rapid colonization of waste areas.
The sporocytes of the Sphaerocarpales are difficult to study by immunofluorescence as they contain abundant lipids and have a resistant wall.